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It is with great privilege that I am given the opportunity to work with you in the capacity of teacher.  Both Yoga and Pilates have impacted my life in such a positive way that I am humbled in my role in helping you reach your goals and experience the many great benefits that Pilates and Yoga have to offer.  It is gratifying, as a teacher and a student myself, to see the impressive results that come from these disciplines when practiced regularly.

If you are new to Yoga or Pilates, I hope that you give one of them a try.  I am confident that in doing so, you will not only realize your inner strength, you will build upon it ~  You will discover just how strong and resilient you really are.  More importantly, this renewed confidence in yourself will resonate with others and positively impact all those around you.

I am committed to ensuring that you receive knowledgeable instruction in a safe manner.  All sessions are prepared to offer modifications for new and experienced students. I also pride myself with a philosophy that encourages you to honor your own physical ability and identify how to work with any limitations you may be faced with on any given day.  EveryBODY is different and even our own bodies can surprise us from one day to the next!

All Sessions in Reformer, Yoga, and Pilates are scheduled based on availability, contact me using the "Contact Me" section below, please provide full name, telephone and email.

Peace and light,

reform {ree-fawrm} v. to change to a better state,to strengthen, to balance, to form again

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